REHAMAN PATEL: Aundkar's Point of view

REHAMAN PATEL: Aundkar's Point of view


More than four decades have spent in the field of visual art. Working with many projects and also as a journalist regularly, made him to live strongly. After experimenting a lot of works now got new identity by innovation of a unique composition method. This revolutionary, fundamental method is now my characteristic identity by which I want to be recognised here after. My new discovery has given me a charismatic, magical and amazing feeling, which is beyond my imagination, says Pune-based senior artist Ramesh Aundkar.

He is a retired faculty from Pune-based Symbiosis Institute of Design. He is an alumnus, fellow and Gold medalist of reputed institute Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai

While doing regular drawing and sketching exercise I found and have developed this unique method of composing elements of art. This has happened for the first time in the history of art. I think never before has any artist done it or thought about such a method of composition he explained. Aundkar says any abstract composition can be seen in 4 positions, it's normal. But my composition is not abstract. My composition is figurative but not realistic and still can be seen in 4 positions with meaningful outcomes each time. My figures are stylistic and imaginary but identical.    

This composition method is unique and something different. The 4 sides feel different content, topic or subject depicted at every position. My style is a bit decorative but figurative, Indian decorative, imaginary, which can be seen in ancient Indian temples. Human figures, male/females, birds, animals, fish, butterflies etc. which appear unintentionally. I have not planned anything nor composed any figures, nor lines or tones, textures. I found it while practicing my regular sketching and drawing. This has happened during every process of drawing and is happening repeatedly.

Basically Aundkar has painted in all mediums like Acrylics, Oils, Pastel, Inks and Watercolors on Canvas, board and paper. He has expressed himself through abstract method and through figurative method also. He has assisted noted painter late Prafulla Dahanukar for her many Murals in Mumbai. He also worked with Weavers' Service Centre, National Vocational Institute and Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune. He was Art Columnist for Loksatta Marathi Daily and Lokprabha Marathi weekly, wrote many articles on many artists for Marathi annual as also. Now also he contribute to various Art publications in English and Marathi.

He held many Solo shows since 1983 till 2019 including Jehangir Art Gallery, Bajaj Art Gallery, Grindlays Bank Art Gallery, Walk in Art Gallery-Oberoi Hotel, Leela Art Gallery-Hotel Leela, TheArt Entrance Gallery all in Mumbai and Shridharani Art Gallery in Delhi. He also took part in more than 25 group exhibitions and participated in prestigious annual art exhibitions.

He has many awards, honours and recognitions to his credit. Some of them are Gold Medal in 1978 and Fellowship in 1977 from Sir JJ School of Art. Research Grant in 1991 from Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi

He has been praised by leading Art critics of Times of India, Mumbai and Hindustan Times Delhi, whenever he exhibited his artifacts in these two cities.

Aundkar’s paintings have adopted the walls of many private collectors like Wipro Group (Azim Premji) Salgaonkar Group, Skypack, Natwar Group, 20th Century Finance, Empire Complex, Hotel Oberoi all in Mumbai. Panjim-Salgaonkars. Reputed organization like National gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Nehru Centre “Discovery of India”, Mumbai, State Lalit Kala Academy, Hyderabad, World Ritual Museum, Mount Abu also has his artworks in their collection. In abroad Greece, USA, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Japan, China and South Africa also adopted his artworks.

He has attended many workshops, seminars and art camps held at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Published works and articles in Loksatta Marathi Daily, Mumbai covering art activities of Mumbai between 1983-1988, Lokprabha Weekly Mumbai, Lokmat Nagpur, Dipawali Issues Chinha, Akshar.Mumbai, Maharashtra Gaurav (Government Publication).

Aundkar is a Life Member of Lalit Kala Akademi, All India Fine Art and Craft Society, New Delhi, Bombay Art Society, Artist’s Centre, Mumbai.

After Retirement from Symbiosis Institute of Design now he is working as freelance artist, visiting as a faculty and writes for art activities. He lives and works in Mumbai.